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Enfield Learning Trust

Year 5 Camping

On Wednesday the 23 of September, Daffodil class  set off for their overnight camping trip to Hoddesdon.

The children were extremely excited throughout their stay and they all shared many wonderful experiences together.Some of the highlights included; singing songs around a campfire, playing games in the complete darkness of the woods and staying in their enormous tents with friends. With pancakes and syrup for breakfast, and plenty of chocolate cake for desert, the children had all the energy to explore their natural surroundings and take part in all of the activities. A huge thank you to John from our Alliance, who organised and oversaw the safe-running of the camp and to James, Faye and Chris who supervised the children. 

"We had a great time, I wanted to stay longer." Jimmy          

"I liked the camp fire and songs." Hariye

"It was the best time of my life!" Ramsey        

"We cooked our own food" Romeo      

"All of it was awesome!" Keir